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Buffalo's Main Light :: from the lantern
Another of Buffalo's historic items

Buffalo's Main Light :: Spiral Staircase
Another of Buffalo's historic items

Buffalo's Main Light
Another of Buffalo's historic items

Akron Falls-
While it may seem like any other waterfall,
Akron Falls has a very interesting additional attraction

Asbury Hall-
Built in 1876, this reclaimed church, turned performance space is certainly one of Buffalo's unique spaces.

Asbury Hall
Akron Falls

Buffalo @ Night
Shot from the end of Erie street.

Buffalo @ Night

Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens
An awesome place to spend a cold winter afternoon. This is a must see for anyone visiting Buffalo

Buffalo's Commercial Slip
The excavated original commercial slip. If you're a history buff be sure to check this one out in person.

Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
One last all encompassing view of Buffalo's now demolished Memorial Auditorium.

Botanical Gardens

Bloecher Memorial @ Forest Lawn
A most interesting memorial and one to be sure to visit

Blue Sky @ Forest Lawn
The only Frank Lloyd Wright designed memorial and Buffalo has it.

Memorial Auditorium
Main Light
Bloecher Memorial
Bleu Sky
4th of July

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Night Lights at the Botanical Gardens
For a diffent look at the Gardens, many thanks to Volt Visions

Buffalo Citybration
The Cheerios 70th birthday celebration

Buffalo's Naval Park
For the naval history fans this is a must see.

Naval Park

Buffalo River from Cargill Superior
A remnant of Buffalo's past as a major shipping port.

Cargill Superior

Buffalo Unscripted
This was shot just before the premier screening of the Buffalo Unscripted documentary.

Boom Days ball drop
Buffalo's celebration of the ice boom removal aboard the Edward M. Cotter

Buffalo Harbor South Entrance Light
Another of Buffalo's historic items

Allentown Art Festival :: 2012
Another great Buffalo festival